Likes or shares what to choose when ordering on Facebook

IEach of you at one time or another saw and knows what is shares and likes in Facebook. So, if you are faced with the choice of what to order on your page or in post, without hesitation, choose shares ( reposts ). You will ask why? The answer is obvious, ordering for example 100 likes, you get ordered likes for the selected and marked by you record, if you select 100 shares, you get 100 ordered shares + 100 likes Facebook, because when a person shares a record on his wall or in a post (repost) it automatically puts a kid, so it's much more reasonable and more profitable to order shares. Not just likes. In this case, you will get both shares and likes in a makeweight. You can order shares on this page

Likey is inherently Facebook - it's useless substance, since they do not give anything, except for popularity if a person sees under a photo for example 2100 likes (if you still need a likes, you can add them here). With shares it's different, you asked yourself and thought about what they give? It's like retweets on Twitter, that is, people share your news, advertising and other things on their own Facebook page, in a post or in public. The benefits of retweets you can read in this material.

Of course, if we compare the above two topics, then a clear advantage is taken by shares. But there is one important question, who does these reposts when ordering a client? The answer is obvious - it's a pure nature fake pages (bots), most of which will go to freeze or to bans Faceook. And at best, out of 1000 reposts ordered by you, 500 would survive well. Therefore share service is very efficient if it is performed by live people or fans of your post, or pages. The weight of such a rep is much higher than the weight of the repost made by the bot. Draw conclusions yourself - do you need such useless shares? For more information about Facebook share, see this section.

But there is one big but, namely, if you order reposts in services and they are performed by bots, then in this case there is a plus for search engines. Ie if you post a direct link to your site and at the same time throw it on the wall and order for example 100 shares, then yes - weight is undoubted and the result will be. Since reposts made by bots to build social links - the topic is davolno effective, because search engines do not see and do not distinguish, the bots made shares on their walls of Facebook or live people. As a result, your website or article on the direct link of which the repost is made will be higher in the top search of the given questions in the search engines.

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