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Want to learn how to get youtube views fast and not to fall under sanctions(not to fall under BAN) youtube and Google, read this article, in which you will learn about the natural and other ways to getting views on youtube.

A plan of what you read in this article:
  • Why are videos on youtube?
  • Why cheat views each video?
  • How to cheat views on youtube?
  • What is benefit that i'll get from that?

    Currently, the search query, as screwed views on youtube and like this, gaining many users of the Internet in order to learn how to get a video view, the greatest possible number of users.

    And to solve this problem there are 3 ways:

  • 1)The first is to act only by legal means.
  • 2)The second is to use illegal methods.
  • 3)The third is screwed views on youtube, using methods first and second choices.

    Now let's look at the topic of this article according to the above plan.

    get Youtube views

    How to cheat views on youtube?

    About why we need the video on youtube, I briefly told in the article as to put the video on YouTube, so you can read about it there. And here again briefly tell that by using video, many owners of websites, blogs, online stores attract more traffic to their sites. If everything is done correctly, the share of traffic from videos, can reach up to 30% and more. And if you want to know about how to get free traffic from youtube.com, then click on the link in this sentence to learn how to do it correctly and quickly. Others earn their videos by connecting your TV to the program video monetization of Google.Adsense. Still others simply post videos on video sharing, using them as a free place to host your video files, and in order to share them with other Internet users.

    How to cheat views on youtube and make it fast?

    So to get views on youtube you need to your newly downloaded videos viewed by, as a lot of people. And to each user while viewing your videos, was not less than 1 minute. The fact that the trailers as well as text and articles appearing in the search results. And if the link to your video will appear on the first page for your query, you get a lot of views and video rating will rise, because the algorithms evaluate each youtube video in many ways. And most important of them is the number of users who are in a short time, watch the video clip and the video is displayed for each user. If this happens to your video, it will not only rise in the search results, in the first place the first page, but will rise in the category of video sharing on the seats closer to the former. So it will be seen even greater number of users who view it. Well, if all views will be off-scale, youtube then place it in the general rating and video display will be even more.

    And here is how to do it, I will tell.

    Views on youtube getting fast for video. I must say that wrapping display is not a natural process, and artificial ways to make the video more authoritative among other similar. But keep in mind that Google does not like such manipulations, and if you are seen in the higher ranks of views, your channel overtake sanctions, including a ban. And now, I'll tell you about natural ways to get YouTube views, and then about artificial. But what methods to use, choose only to you.

    How find the way to get views on YouTube fast

    And still you should know that get video views on youtube only in the first stage to "move video off the ground" and give him an incentive to develop and gain popularity.

    Natural methods to getting views fast

  • Each video must indicate the title and a short text, the amount of which shall be not less than 1 500 - 2 000 characters. Text descriptions make up all the rules for seo text. If you do not know how to do this, the article is correct seo optimization article.
  • Remember that YouTube, rate videos and more at a time when the channel was created.
  • All their videos "tie together", putting on each video, the pop-up window with a reference to his other videos. The text description of the same is possible to put links to your video channel.
  • The more video clips will be in your feed, the more will become to get views and conversions on your site. Just be sure to "communicate" with each other all the video, so that users can switch to other videos of your channel and watch them too.
  • Place the video in the articles of your site. Thus they will be viewed by users of the site, many of which will be transferred to other video and see them, too.
  • Share a link to a video with users of other sites. Yes it is advertising, but there are cheaper methods of advertising, such as advertising line nolix, help with the budget from 500 to 1 000, to advertise their videos on dozens of sites, choosing from a long list of those audiences that are suitable for your movie. On the exchange of banners Rotaban can find many sites that rates for banner ads quite simply ridiculous. Contracts with the owners of these sites to place your banner instead of video.
  • As well, you can use the service mailings Sabskrayb and there about advertise your video. And how to do this, read the article Free Visitors to subscribe.
  • Add a link to the video to all your social networking accounts.
  • Comment blogs on the subject of your video, leaving a link to it.
  • Find a thematic forums on which to place a link to the video.
  • Ask friends and acquaintances to see him.
  • You can even do a little pospamit every day by sending a letter / invitation from ssylkly watch the video. To send letters, but to anyone. Go to any website and submit a video of their owners.
  • Not on your nelly not mix all possible ways to promote the video. Outcome could be disastrous, you simply banned.
  • After downloading the video, use only natural methods of cheating, that is, promotion, since it is at the very beginning of the video goes more active attention. I mean, naturalness in the beginning, a guarantee of good success in the future.
  • Analyze the video of their competitors. See how they decorate them and that show and tell (refers to various video tutorials).
  • Remember that the quality and relevance of the video is the key to success.

    This need to know!

    Still remember that video on the themes: fun cats and people, about weapons, Disaster, and the like, are more likely to display and spins much faster and cheaper than any video courses. Know that the more natural display in the beginning, get your video, the less you can get sanctions if it does not follow the natural promotion. Ideally you should get at least 3-5 hundred views obtained naturally. Good video hyping the users themselves who have watched it. If you liked it, then they will place it on your site and social networks, and go viral effect of promotion.

    Artificial methods how to get views on YouTube fast

    If you are interested in artificial ways to get YouTube fast views, then type in the search query: how to cheat views in youtube and you will find many websites which offer a large number of ways to cheat video. But mostly, their use can lead to account suspension. Therefore I propose several simpler and safer.

  • Method number 1 This article is free traffic to your site, I tell and show about a single service, from which you can for little money getting traffic to their sites and videos. I recommend to read the article and watch the video in it. Using the service of which I speak there, you can cheat views for very little money.

  • Method number 2 Take advantage of the service, where you can buy real YouTube views. Everything is simple. After registration, select the tariff plan, top up and get views of your video in accordance with the selected tariff plan.

    Here in this way get video views, can be done either naturally or artificially. But which one to choose, it's up to you.

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