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Do you really want to buy YouTube views review and make it by guaranteed safest way? Welcome, you are HERE! Greetings to you dear readers. In today's article I will tell you how to biying views on Youtube and, thus, does not fall into the ban. I already faced with those who commit silly things and then suffering from various sanctions from YouTube and Google - I want to protect you from this.

  • Here is a brief outline of what you will find in this article:

  • What is the use of video clips on Youtube?
  • Why you need to cheat video?
  • What can be dangerous cheat views?
  • What should be done to cheat, not to get in the ban?
  • Free ways to cheat views
  • Services that selling YouTube views
  • That give views on Youtube?

  • You may have noticed that the amount of video content on the Internet in recent years has grown many times over. Before its distribution was limited to low speed and expensive traffic, now in every village people watching videos and movies over the Internet. By the way, if you do not know how to add your own videos to the Internet, read my article How to put video to YouTube ?, there I fully described.
  • The largest video hosting Youtube, today, is on 3rd place among the world's most visited sites (according to His audience is huge and bite off a piece of it for every internet entrepreneur is an attractive idea.
  • I can not say that the video will replace or replace text in the near future, as the text materials are much more practical, but the popularity of video is growing and we can use it to promote our business. Videos allow to receive both direct clients and move to a specific page for our sites. If the video is done correctly, then each placed on the website material is a kind of advertising pages. Enterprise statistics of my blog at the moment shows that the proportion of traffic from video sharing at 16.6% - a considerable figure.
  • the proportion of transitions from youtube
  • Again, in my experience, the traffic from this site is very targeted, those people who watched my videos already understand what awaits them on my blog, what topics I touch and go only if they are interested. This reduces the number of failures, visitors browsing multiple pages and read the article for a long time, thereby improving the behavioral factors on the analysis of which so diligently search engines work lately.
  • How is the rating of video clips on Youtube?
  • As you can imagine, the high popularity of the site attracts a large amount of people wanting to move at his own expense. Every day on this video hosting downloaded a huge number of movies, including your can simply get lost.
  • Youtube is a kind of search engine. Inside the site has a system of determining relevant content, in simple terms it means that the service is looking for the most suitable video on request entered by the user. As well as Yandex is looking for information on the pages, YouTube is looking for information in the database of their videos. Videos matching can be set, and the first page of a limited number of places and getting there is not always easy.
  • Among the parameters that affect the rating of the video there is such as matching the description of video request, the age of the owner of the channel and the video itself, the average viewer and many others. I have plans for the future to make a detailed guide to the popularization of video. Fortunately, there is already a positive experience (now my channel daily scans more than 600 people), one can only organize all the information.
  • So back to the topic. One of the factors that are used to determine where the video clip to issue - it's his past popularity, ie the number of people who have already seen the video before. And the videos that have already received views on youtube in the past, have the advantage. Not that it was decisive, but if the two clips are the same the other indicators, the one that got the most views before will be higher.
  • That's what is cheat - in order to beat the competition. Of course, this does not need a cheat for all subjects, but if you read the article, it means for your video is relevant.
  • Dangerous than wrapping views?
  • Perhaps you can guess that the wrapping process is not natural, that is, you are trying to artificially introduce your video more authoritative than they really are. As is the case with conventional search engines, YouTube does not welcome such manipulation - you kidding service. Therefore, if the movie will be "caught" for the cheat, then you can get a variety of sanctions, including a ban your account.
  • The probability of being caught depends on the manner in which you cheat video views and your actions as a whole.
  • By the way, this article I am not in any way encourage anyone to engage wrap, it is voluntary, apply or not - decide for yourself. Many of my videos have become quite popular in its niche - the quality and relevance of content - the key to success.

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  • What should be done at the very beginning - BEFORE

  • In my opinion, the process of wrapping display only at the initial stage, in order to shift the zero point you created clip on your video to become popular on his own. This means that the video should have a good quality, both in terms of content and in terms of design - look like their competitors in the TOP and do better.
  • Moving on. In no case can not be connected all the right ways to promote the field of adding materials to the site - the system headed by the administrators will see this unnatural and severely punish :)
  • So start cheat views on Youtube necessary with natural methods. Sounds a bit ironic, since natural methods it just does not cheat. Naturalness in the beginning - the key to success in the future. The first steps of your videos should be more active service, then you can relax a little.
  • Do the following:
    • Look video yourself
    • Ask him to see all your friends, acquaintances and relatives - from different computers.
    • Add the video to all your accounts in social networks, if you have a lot of friends, you can gain a lot of views. If the movie is good, your friends are and share it with your friends - can get a viral effect.
    • Add the clip in all thematic communities to which you have access (groups in the social sphere, thematic forums IT) These procedures can be repeated 2-3 times. It is desirable that your movie scored at least a few hundred views in a natural way. The more dials, the smaller the risk of getting all sorts of fines.
  • How to wind watch videos on Youtube? Buy views on YouTube
  • And only now we go directly to the higher ranks. Fundamentally, the methods of cheating impressions are divided into 2 categories.
  • First - you cheat yourself out of the house available means.
  • The second - using a variety of services, exchanges and firms.
  • Self-promotion is simple in implementation and 100% free. How to do it? - Very simple - open the browser and periodically every 3-5 seconds, refresh the page - shows will be counted. You can automate this using a browser Opera - there you can set up automatic page refresh every X seconds.
  • Screw in this way can be up to 300 hits per day. After that, youtube, most likely, will block counter of your video and you can forget about his further progress, because after checking the video get banned.
  • Any instructions for this method to give not see the point, want to take the risk - type in the search "How to cheat views on youtube» and you will find a bunch of video clips at once, which shows all the details.
  • For more than adequate, I recommend people to cheat views clever ways that mimic the real interest of the people to the rollers. Do it at home is unrealistic, it is necessary to use special services. They work similar to - a lot of people watching videos of each other. This is a pity money, but do not regret the time watching videos on a barter basis, one time is expensive, they pay for their videos watched others.
  • Both options have a place to be and then I'll talk about each of them.
  • By studying the subject, I found the service at 2 cheat.
  • Actually there is many services that selling or giving free YouTube views review, likes and other stuff. You can just search in Google by any close to that topic request there is a lot of websites and pages and all of them 'doing "best services", "guaranteed quality" and bla-bla-bla... Do not believe everyone. There is NO free or cheap services to do that. If you want to get views and promote your video on YouTube choose us you won't regret. I promise.

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