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Buying of HR viewing is very important when promoting the video on YouTube. Videos are available based on the algorithm, in which the total time viewing of a movie is more important than how many people clicked on the video to view it. As a result, viewers can see more interesting content, when you buy on the good website high renetion lasts views and authors - to develop a more holistic and interested audience. If users are watching video for a long time before stopping, then this video will begin to appear more often in similar and recommended video, as well as it will stand up in the search of their competitors. Because of that high retention is the best kind of views on practice that you can buy. Thus you will attract a lot of attention to your video and therefore if your movie is based on the advertising and promotion of goods and services on YouTube or whether it is an advertisement of your project intact so you will get a large influx of visitors to your website.

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