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Testimonals of our Customers
  • Buy YouTube views review! March 2009 the Chinese government has blocked the access to real YouTube views after that when appeared a video in which Chinese soldiers beat Tibetan monks and other Tibetans. According to the BBC, it is impossible to determine the time and place of events and identify participants from the published video. Commenting the site blocking, press - secretary of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Tsin Gan said that the government is not afraid of the Internet and he didn’t hear about prohibition. In 2009 the site was blocked by the Turkmenistan buy YouTube review. At the end of July 2010 in the Russian city Komsomolsk-on-Amur the court has restricted access to certain sites and YouTube was among them. The reason of that decision was the fact that all of five blocked sites that come under the ban contained extremist materials and videos. After that decision was canceled by the higher court.

    - buy YouTube views review.

  • Get views on video September 22, 2012 access to YouTube video was blocked in Dagestan, September, 27 - in Chechnya. February 9, 2013 the Court of Egypt has blocked access to getting YouTube views for one month. Such decision was made because of YouTube had contained a fragment from the most scandalous movie « Innocence of Muslims». May 25, 2013 YouTube was prohibited in Tajikistan according to unofficial information because of video from the wedding of the eldest son of Tajikistan president Emomali Rustam, who was singing and dancing on it. May 27 the access was restored.

    - Get YouTube views.

  • Buying views on YouToube. June 1, 2006 the British ITV News Agency announced that YouTube and similar sites promote violence and hatred among teenagers who shoot videos with fight on their mobile phone camera, and then upload videos to the service. There is a function on YouTube views the "report excessively violent video". But journalists had spend a lot of time to achieve the removal of violent videos.

    - John

  • Best place to get real YouTube views October 5, 2006 The New York Times reported anti-American videos uploaded to the service. Unexpected YouTube rise had led to problems in the American company Universal Tubeand Roller form Equipment Corp., whose site http://www.utube.com was often unavailable due to the huge number of visitors who were mistaken when typing the domain name service. At the beginning of November 2006 Universal Tube filed a lawsuit against YouTube. Currently a promotional site with aggressive banner advertising is at this address, while the main site of the company was forced to buy real views on Youtube fast.

    - Mike

  • March 13, 2007 Viacom Company had sued Google, faulting buy real YouTube views service in massive copyright infringement and demanding to give her personal information of all users of the service. Federal Judge of the Southern District of New York granted the «Viacom» company requirements of all users information transfer (which is contrary to federal law USA).

    - Chris

  • Buy YouTube promotion. March 2007 and January 2008 in Turkey YouTube video buying hosting was denied, in which were put online some videos that had ridiculed some senior politicians. Real YouTube views blocking continued until Google removed critical videos on Turkish authorities request. February 2008 Pakistan has blocked the access to the site because of posting a lot of anti-Islamic videos.

    - Ben

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