Maximum result with minimum spending and absolutely safe with strong effect Facebook signals

This social signal exists in many social networks such Facebook, although all called differently likes. Using it, the user personally recommends the material presented here. What is the use of such a social signal for the site? Firstly, in many cases, likes - it is real advice received without any markups FB. Thus, you get more traffic from social networks. Second, announcements of interesting materials to the addresses of their full versions - are direct links that are indexed by search engines and are taken into account.

Does this mean that it is necessary to use on a regular Facebook basis Like generation of fake services to get links and increase traffic? Alas, today this social signal weight is very low, so the investment in such activities is unlikely to give the desired effect. Share material through similar services - is as futile.

Natural Facebook likes links for your business that raise the ranking of your site in search engines

The impact of social signals to SEO - a topic which Facebook is being a lot of debate, but most of this is real likes speculation, but the real picture can be seen only by means of complex investigations. Consider the two largest and most well-known: The famous analytical software company SearchMetrics each year studying thousands of online resources, in order to understand what factors affect their Google rankings PS. According to her information, the first place is "+1", then rassharivaniya on Facebook and only in third place - links. After them followed by a number of friends, Like signals, the quantity and quality of comments on Facebook and active in other social networks.

The company has launched six Tasty Placement resources on the same theme, spinning them all through a social network. After some time, a comparison of the results was carried out - the position of the first site increased by 14 (100 followers on Google+), the second - 9 (300 signals "+1"), the third - by 7 points (promotion through Facebook). There was also a fourth site, on which work was conducted via Twitter, but the results were quite dire.

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