Unique and popular method to make your site popular - social sharing

Promotion page is a series of activities including: 1) The establishment of the incoming shares traffic to the target Facebook page. 2) Converting likes into fans. Due to a regular page. 3) Maintenance of the page so that the "website about her" attracting more inbound targeted traffic. 4) See point 1 In this article, I will consider only free ways to create inbound targeted traffic to a page in facebook.

1. Ask your friends and friends of friends to join your site. So, I got about 30 fans and shares. Do not be afraid to ask them. Write: "Hi, I created a new page. Look, could you be interested to buy? ". Of course, consider the information that is written in the profile of a friend. This refers to the so-called "friends". After all, you do not know all of (eg 500) are in your friends list. If you offer a page about MLM, and the profile is written "I hate MLM", then do not ask this person to see your page. Do not turn it into a simple spam. 2. Suggest this page to a friend. Unlike the previous method, this simply notify the other that you have to offer share to view your site. The response from this method is not very big. To do this you must go to your page and click the "invite friends on Facebook" And from the resulting list, select the friends you want to invite to see your page. 3. Establish a social plug-in from Facebook to your blog. - In the «Facebook Page URL» insert a link to your blog - In the «Width» select the desired width of the plugin - Select the check buy «Show Faces», to display the faces of fans of your website - Press the «Get Code» and select «Iframe» - Copy and paste the code to your blog (if you have a WordPress), through a widget "Text" - As a result in the sidebar widget is to be titled "Let's be friends on facebook" Now the blog visitors will be able to click on the "I like" (become a fan of the page) without leaving it.

All companies use site share on Facebook and other networks everyday

4. Edit your profile. Insert in the employer link to this site page: - In the "project", insert the link to your Facebook page - In the Description field, paste the description of what you are sharing on this project - Click on "add to a project" 5. Locate and start to communicate in thematic pages and in groups. Website share on the thematic pages of a very important element. Because you attract attention to your profile (in which there is a link to a page), and proving to be like a man who knows this subject. To find such pages and groups, type in search "keyword", which relates to your topic, and then filter Fb search results pages only.

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