How to properly attract and wind up page and photo likes on Facebook

In order to have many Facebook page and photo likes and make a profit, it takes a lot of effort and time investment, if you are not a popular person and do not use the page for this purpose. The fact is that for people to add and follow to an absolutely foreign Facebook page in any of the social networks, they should clearly see the purpose of the addition and not pass by. First of all I would like to note that the main post likes or inflow of followers and friends to Facebook page, namely live traffic will not come to you if the avatar is not particularly attractive. Many of the small businessmen who promote their business on the Internet use fake photos to create an page, rather they buy sim cards from mobile operators and likes register data on Facebook, then they place fake photos of beautiful and pretty young people (the floor can be husband and female, the main thing is that the photo was attractive and cute) the purpose of this event is to attract attention and sympathy of the opposite sex. Qualitative promotion of an page or post Facebook you can find on

How to choose fake photos and posts to use and create accounts? To do this, select a different country from the one in which you are located, go into the search for people and select the desired page, then save the photos to the computer and put them on the page of your newly created fake, which can be created for different purposes (advertising, spam, PR and so on). Are there any risks of attracting someone else's photos on Facebook? No, the risks are minimal, the maximum can happen 2 troubles. The first is that you somehow find the creator and owner of the real photo likes, which is almost zero in probability, to the same he is from another country, so it will not harm you. The second is that this same page owner can write a complaint to Facebook network where you publish a photo fake, what are you facing? Nothing, maximum support will ask you to remove a photo of someone else's person, if you write his name and first name + put his photo real, then in this case your page will be forever banned and you can not restore it never, so they take pictures of others, completely different. How to change the name of Facebook page or post likes?

What do I do with the accounts for which fake photos have been uploaded ? At the beginning they need to be packed with information and add friends, the ideal option is not to add friends to the newly created account, but to screw in the service by cheating, a sufficient number of at least 20-30 likes, so that the one to whom you will send the application to friends did not raise suspicions that your page fake or bot. If you do not have the possibility of an initial minimum wrapping of your page likes, then you can add friends yourself, though they will not be added because the page is from scratch. The third step after the photo and adding friends will be filling out the page of video, audio, content (records on the page) a very big role is played by the status, usually many just him and the photos are watched when an unfamiliar person is added to the page. Screw friends to your page account Facebook you can by clicking on this like).

The next step is the placement of the right advertising or information which you plan and are going to let in the masses. The main thing is do not overdo it with the caps-lock, as many large font on the Internet scares away and causes mistrust, your advertisement or information should:

  • 1 - Do not annoy the stranger, the application for additions to the friends to whom you sent.
  • 2 - Stand out from the set of spam and attract people (beautiful pictures, the right subject for people, interesting suggestions, etc .) all because people are so full of themselves that if you violently violate the rules described, there will come a complete disappointment on your part, since the result from a similar spam and advertising will be zero.
  • 3 - Accessibility in content (material or advertising) a person who comes should easily understand where to push him, how to contact you and so on, if he gets confused when he comes to your page with superfluous photos or unreasonable compilation of advertisements likes, he simply will not be hammering his head and will leave your pages.
  • 4 - If a person leaves your page, he should get something into the memory, because if he drives your ad not into temporary memory but into long-term memory, there is a chance that he will return to your page, by searching your page likes in browser history or Facebook other opportunities. To do this, you need to properly label your advertisement in the header and add a cool picture so that the person has an association and he remembered it. What can this give? The return of customers, many people understand and begin to understand that they really need it only by the incident of some circumstances, your business is right in memory of this person to get.
  • 5 - It is important to respond in time to the person concerned, that is, if a person likes what you offer him, it is still necessary to communicate with him and enter into his trust, if you at this moment or a little later may not be in place, he will simply lose interest and you will lose an interested person. Means it is necessary to provide means of communication so that a person could easily communicate with you. To add your likes to your Facebook records or photos, go to this page. How to correctly add likes to the page and get the interested audience at the same time? You need to do not just a mailing list with additions to friends or other sms in a personal, but also think carefully, who will you make this newsletter? It's a very important question, because if you send applications to men, and at the same time try to sell lingerie, the result will certainly be, but very minimal, since the main thing is the target and interested audience. Next, we will consider the options for choosing the target audience:
  • 1 - The country with which you are going to add people's likes to your own or your own prepared for advertising accounts. If your business can work and carry out mailing around the world, then you should choose an audience that will understand the language in which the advertisement will be written. If you collect and can work only with the clients of the country in which you are, then, accordingly, you need to add people by the criterion of the residence of this country. For beginners FB we have picked up an article about page likes searching Facebook.
  • 2 - City, if your goods can be delivered all over the country, or all over the world, then you can add people without relying on the city. If you can carry out activities only limited to one city in which you are, then in the search you will need to add friends based on the inhabitants of this city. One small tip, photos from the provinces have a much lower income than those who live in large cities, as the standard of living is very different, but as a rule, the fatigue and mistrust can be obtained more from customers from large cities, since it is more difficult for them to enter trust and something to surprise, in view of the fact that residents of big cities have decent opportunities in buying and choosing goods. It is difficult to judge, a large client can be found not necessarily in a large city, but as practice shows, how many Facebook likes, so many opinions. The moral is that clients from large cities are better off but less trusting, provincial clients are rather trusting, but have lower income and many are struggling to earn money from their earnings.
  • 3 - Gender female or male, this is an important criterion if the emphasis is on the target audience, when using advertising on 2 sexes-female and male, it is worth considering the interests and thinking about what you will get the result, not all products can be offered 2 sexes, usually for each vis advertising there is a choice of sex, so if your business is designed for women and men, do not think about this pact, and if this is very important and attracting the 2nd floor will not give you results, then choose 1 sex and do advertising based on it.
  • 4 - Age of those who are sent advertising is not unimportant, since the audience with the age of 18 years as a rule in most will not bring your business income, it also applies to page and photo likes with advanced age. Choosing the sending of invitations and additions to friends, age accounting has a big role in the result of this campaign, think over to whom you want to convey advertising or other information, the correct choice of age will depend on the result.
  • 5 - Interests, for these purposes, you need to go to groups and communities, or choose those page likes to add that are followed to celebrities Facebook, thus you see the interests of people and the mailing takes place on a thematic audience, which is important when selling and promoting a business. In order to add friends on topics, select in the search for a social network a certain topic, for example music, if you sell CDs with music, then make invitations to band pages with music lovers and group members, such a broadcast and advertisement will give a result, as it it is in the interests of likes.
  • 6 - Finding and adding friends by the criterion of marital status is also a very important point, because if you are selling baby clothes for example, then choosing people is necessary by the criterion of being married or married, adding people unmarried, you will get less results, and if for example, you want to advertise a group or a dating site, it is advisable to choose a marital status not related to marriage in any way, either in an active search, or other possible options.
  • 7 Friends of friends is a rather productive type of addition, as people more trust those who are their friend's friend, thereby you pass the barrier of the consciousness of many likes and get into Facebook subconscious (trust caused by the presence of a common or mutual friend). This method is used by many campaigns and businessmen, it is less risky on the part of sanctions in any of the soc. networks, sanctions may be different, temporary freezing of the page or its ban, Adding friends by criterion friends of friends, you significantly reduce the risks for the page.
  • This experience has been successfully used by many advertising campaigns, large companies and ordinary people, its goal is to obtain and attract the target page likes audience and increase sales. You can implement the reposting of Facebook in this section.

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