How much does it cost to buy likes on Facebook?

Facebook page likes to social network publications are, at the moment, the main tool for increasing the ranking of their pages on similar sites . This applies to a resource such as Facebook. Here you can also evaluate any post you like and put it. And Facebook has taken a step forward in this direction, and now you can express any emotion about this or that publication, which is presented in the list of icons next to the "Likes" button. This can give even more opportunities to those who want to conquer the audience of the social network.

You can type hugs, of course, independently, coming up and developing new ideas to attract the attention of the public to your Facebook page, community or likes. But, you see, a sharp increase in the desired resource will have to wait a fairly long time. But the speed of receipt of treasured estimates can speed up the alternative option - buying likes on Facebook. At the same time, you not only do not have to waste your time, but you can also rely on quite large amounts of traffic.

If you are interested in this topic, the first question that we will consider is the most significant and exciting for many users: how much will it cost to buy your likes on your Facebook page. At the moment - this is not some specific figure, but rather a gap in prices collected on various commercial sites, and it ranges from 20$ to 55$ for 1000 likes on page, likes on posts are much cheaper. At the final cost, which you will have to give affect some of the points of providing and receiving this service. Let's look at them in more detail.

  • Firstly, this is the quality of those accounts that will put you a live. You can get an estimate, both from real pages, whose actions can be viewed by other users, and from bots and fakes that hang dead weight on the Facebook without any likes activity
  • Speed ​​of traffic receipt. If you want to see the likes in the first 10 minutes after the order, you will have to pay extra for this. However, remember that the services do not always fulfill the promised promises.
  • Kind of likes. If you want to buy likes on Facebook to a bussines page, it will cost a little more than estimates to posts and photo. We will talk about the differences of such likes as below
  • Banal greed of the seller. Unfortunately, no one can influence the decision of the performer to set this or that price for the service provided. Therefore, we are increasingly able to observe a conscious overstatement of prices without any justification. Here are a few nuances that can really affect the cost of your purchase of Facebook likes. As you can see, you need to analyze the sites and choose from them the most suitable by criteria and rates. To do this, on the one hand, is not so easy, especially among such a variety of services and applications, but on the other hand, with a competent approach, you really can find a profitable offer.

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