About Us

We are on the social networking market, promoting more than four years. During this period, we have established ourselves as a responsible and reliable partner disciplined. Our company employs only highly qualified professionals with years of experience who are willing to continuously improve their skills and skill level.

We value our reputation, so we devote every effort to improve the level of our facilities, vigorously expand and improve the quality of services provided in accordance with the wishes of our customers, gradually reaching a new standard in the market promotion of social networks. For this innovative technology, specially developed, cutting-edge developments in the field of promotion and modernized ways of delivering services used.

Advances of cooperation with us:

  • - For 4 years of existence of our company, we have successfully completed more than one million orders in Facebook and greatly expanded data base of followers. The distinctive quality of our work is a deep analysis to select the optimum safety of the method and the rate of promotion, as well as a quick start and delivery.
  • - We sell only the real accounts with Facebook, which has at least 5 photos, biographies and followers. Accounts that offer, will not disappear over time. We give 3 years refill guarantee if any of likes / followers will dissapear (unlike) your page or profile.
  • - Our company has a huge amount of famous people among customers. "This policy, movie actors, musicians, F1 racers, dancers and others. Over the 4 years of successful and stable work, we can safely call themselves the number one market in the SMM.
  • - We do not violate human rights, and our job is absolutely legal.

Our Partners