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IMPORTANT! All likes are coming from real people. That people getting bonuses on games and other applications for the fact that subscribe to your page/profile. We give 5 years free refill guarantee if anyone of them unsubscribe you (unlike) Facebook not cleaning/removing that likes. To pay with Bitcoin please email us or write to online consultant

Getting likes and followers on Facebook

Where to buy likes? Modern promoters have long discovered the commercial profit of using likes in social nets as Facebook. First, the quantity of likes of at least 1000 pieces can attract as many again, moreover those who are the real consumers. Second, from the financial point of view the likes purchase is much more beneficial than buying expensive advertisement in mass media or PR campaigns.

And third, Facebook gains such a mighty popularity that if one doesn’t occupy his niche now – the business competition will be so strong and it will be too hard to overcome it in the nearest future. Therefore for the successful businessmen it goes without doubt to promote his goods or services by means of Facebook. The usual client usually has the following questions:

  • - How is it safe for my profile / business page. Can Facebook punish or block for the purchase of likes / followers?
  • - Will my subscribers notice that I have received the purchased fans? Will they arrive on my page instantly and all at once?
  • - Can they write anything bad or leave negative feedback?
  • - What will happen if after a while, for example, in a month, all the fans disapear from Facebook profile?
  • In fact, there are many more questions, I have plenty of experience to answer them, but now we will stop at the core! So:
  • 1) Promoting your personal profile or business page is absolutely safe! We use only safe methods that have been tested for years. The whole process of promotion is absolutely natural and users who will add real people.
  • 2) Theoretically, subscribers can notice that your number of likes and fans increases, but this is not a direct proof of purchase. Moreover, as experience shows, people pay more attention to their pages than others. Plus, the promotion is carried out at regular intervals and the speed depends on the service (from 50 to 15,000 likes in a day)
  • 3) Any user in Facebook can do this, such is the policy of social networks. But with fbskip, in case of a negative situation, we can contact the performer (subscriber) and ask him to change his mind.
  • 4) In this case, we give a full refill guarantee. This means that even if in 5 years, some of the likes/ fans unfollow, then we will add them again for free.

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Our company has been on the market of social nets promotion for more than three years. Having made sure of the company’s work quality top liners, sportsmen, influential organizations and many others cooperate with us on continuing basis.

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We guarantee paying back in case if we do not execute your order within two weeks. If you are not satisfied with our order quality you can reclaim the paid-up sum of money within 30 days after ordering and we’ll return it in the shortest possible time.

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Online consultant Jessica! The organization is willing to render service for you 24/7, providing necessary information and assistance in ordering. Our main goal is to satisfy maximally needs and wishes of clients.

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Choose the proper package of likes/fans, views or followers according to your budget and wish. Then choose the amount of desired likes/fans, video views etc.

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We do not publish any information about our clients without their agreement and do not ask for passwords from your account in Facebook. All we need for order execution is your Facebook Page or Photo URL.

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Choose the proper package of likes/fans, views or followers according to your budget and wish. Then choose the amount of desired likes/fans, video views etc.

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Testimonals of our Customers
  • Buy Facebook fanpage likes! 2011 user involvement in the campaign brands increased by 178% (according to the "State of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot 2012"). 62 out of 100 surveyed marketers believe that over the last 6 months of marketing campaigns be conducted with the assistance of Facebook Fans, were more effective. Increase in the number of consumers has occurred in B2C and B2B sectors in. The most impressive growth of consumer audience say retailers. It should say on the other side of the growing popularity of Buy Facebook: in 2012 recorded that 8% of companies in the US for at least 1 time in firing employees for the information published in your profile or on another page of this network. In many companies, this social network is prohibited, but people use special anonymizer and all exactly "prolazili" in this social network. Apparently this was the reason that companies have become very cherish statements audience in his address that appear in the comments (comparison was done by 2009). It is known that US users prefer to interact with companies and brands in 80 cases out of 100 in the pages of Facebook likes. The company recorded a 46% increase in interest in their products after updating Timeline for business. After the appearance of the ability to download interactive content to the Timeline, a growing interest has reached 65%. The ratio of total viewing to the value of re-distribution of likes and shares Facebook users was 9: 1. 72 out of 100 respondents marketer prefer to conduct their own social network pages and to conduct marketing activities. Unfortunately, the low percentage of collection of contact information in the social network of potential consumers remains low. 43% of users aged 20-29 use Facebook for marketing purposes additional 11 hours per week. It is noted that in this social network avtoposting not effective and does not lead to an increase in the number of «Like» and comments (data Digital Buzz Blog, 2012). There is evidence that all social media twice as effective in the conversion of leads in comparison to external marketing tools (research "State of Inbound Marketing" by HubSpot, 2012). 18% of spending marketing budget going to campaign on social networks. This is the biggest junk expenditure in the total expenditure on the buying real fan page Facebook likes promotion of their products among small businesses.

    - Chris

  • Buy Facebook shares! Western consumers tend to trust the advice and information received from their friends on social networks. Recorded that 56% of users are likely to recommend those brands that have marked using the Facebook likes and shares. 33% of Facebook users at least once a purchase made on the advice of his friends (Fricay Corner, "10 Mobile Marketing Stats"). 70 potential buyers on Facebook shares from tracking 100 posts and links that publish acquaintances, relatives, friends (Pew Research, 2012). 16% increase sales if a fan of the brand came to the site through the online store of paid advertising on the social network of the brand ("The Power of the Like II", 2012). It is known that the friends of fans contributed to the expansion of the brand presence on buy Facebook likes and shares brands themselves by 50-200% for the year 2011.

    - Gigat

  • Purchase fb fan page likes! Sibley Amanda (Amanda Sibley) HubSpot blog published an article: "47 be handy data and charts on Facebook fan page» ("47 Handy Facebook Stats and Charts"). Amanda Sibley - Marketing Manager, in the main responsibilities of which include: working in the field of online marketing and marketing analytics for purchasing fans on fb; creation and management of paid advertising; work with the manufacturers and the organization of long-term advertising campaigns.

    - Cler

  • I had often wondered why so many people want to buy Facebook likes besides cheap and fast? It's quite popular request in the search engines, although I did not see the value in the likes and followers and friends. The answer to this I found just now, when his experience of promotion of new business created a page in Facebook, to attract new customers and to keep up with competitors. In fact, it was not so easy to lure buyers to Facebook page. Of course add followers for personal page is much easier than for page, but when it comes to quality and speed of cheating, then buy them will be even more profitable) So, after a few weeks of empty effort to make my according to the popular (I sent out invitations and promotional offers to 1000 per day, friends, for friends of friends and so on), I finally lost hope and immediately remembered about the wonderful service Buy Facebook likes real fast and cheap! The company that I promoted, located in the USA and one of the conditions for obtaining the efficiency and inclusiveness in our proposals was very narrow age and demographic group of people, the so-called Targeted Facebook likes. Well researched best suggestions I made an order on site, as it was the only site with an online consultant, who kindly answered the questions that interest me. Plus, I wanted to get not only the page likes, and likes on profile pictures, for a post and for a photo, because it looks much more natural and gives a view of the page that it is demanded and interesting for other users. The results obtained from the integrated action was terrific! Already in the first month, we received over 1,000 page likes and 20,000 profit that is an absolute record for a young and unknown company from America. Now I use fbskip monthly and firmly believe that in the near future we will have 100k followers and business turnover of up to 1 million and all this because of Facebook likes to buy

    - John

  • Audience Network has more than 950 million. Users worldwide. It is the largest social network. 500 million. Daily users enter their account, which is 48% more than in 2011 relative to 2010 More than 223 million. People use to buy likes on Facebook in Europe. The greatest use of the traffic is concentrated in the interval 13.00-15.00 in the middle of the week. Interest of the audience is 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. According to CNN, the number of fake accounts on Facebook followers is 83 million.Buy fan pages. Average statistical number of uploaded images (according to the study HubSpot according to Gizmodo) is about 300 million. Units. The average stay per user on the Facebook fan page is 20 min. / Day. Age of majority of Facebook Fans users is 24-34 years. One of the seven passages to the website comes from Facebook. Five new profiles are created every few seconds. Buy Facebook likes registered 47% of men and 53% women. 42% of marketers believe that this network has a strong impact on the business of their companies.

    - Mike

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